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Sports at EIS bring a new and innovative approach to the delivery of sporting qualifications and our ethos is to provide a level of excellence in providing theory and practical knowledge in sports education. The training imparted fundamentally gives an insight into elementary skills to the participants.

We believe in creating state, and national level champions through our campus. We take efforts to instill in our students the attributes of leadership, team work, and equipping them with mental and physical strength to take on any challenges in life. Students are given training in various disciplines like:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Archery
  • Chess
  • Gymnastics
  • Cricket

Our Partners For Sports

Aspire India

The name - Aspire India is modeled around the philosophy inculcated across a host of activities offered in sport. As a multi-sport entity, Aspire India focuses on providing customized solutions to every facet of sport; so be it a Physical Education curriculum, specialization programmes for in-school/ after school activity to the extent of offering professional expertise in running sports events to the 'T', Aspire India tables all. Aspire India aligns itself with the primary focus on building sport the right age upward apart from guidance to go further.

Amalgamating set-skills into practicality that leads into performing activity that holistically helps physical education cum sport complement education to make a healthy ecosystem is what is worked upon and created. For any kid in his/ her formative years interlinking is paramount.

Acuver Edu Conzult Pvt Ltd

Acuver Edu Conzult Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has been driven by the purpose of providing professional excellence and it is India's first One Stop Solution for all schooling needs. They specialize in providing integrated sports and performing arts programs as well as organising School events. With the purpose to assist educational institutions in providing their students with a holistic educational experience by providing a whole range of services like Integrated Sports and Performing Arts, Coaches, Age appropriate Curriculum, Quality Assurance check, Train The Trainer Program, Assessment of Students, School team building, they ensure that the sporting talents are holistically nurtured. By the coaching modes like After School Program and organising inter house competitions, inter schools tournaments, annual sports days, annual Cultural days etc. they cater to the needs of students, parents, teachers, coaches as well as educational institutes.

South Mumbai Chess Academy

SMCA encourages people especially students who have a knack for chess to take up this game at a top level which could be achieved through a Qualified Team of professionals and offering training programs to enhance your skills and fulfilling your thirst in wanting to exhale in this game in future. Quality Coaching at SMCA is done by professional mentors who provide competent coaching techniques, using of point system, positive environment which are essential requisites to create genius in chess, before sending them for tournaments. SMCA, South Mumbai Chess Academy Pvt. Ltd. is a 21 year old Chess Academy started in 1996. Its cofounders are Mr. Balaji Guttula & Mr. Durga Nagesh Guttula.


Koya Fitness Academy was established in June 2014, with the mission to train students in the pursuits of Gymnastics, Yoga and Karate. They have to their impressive dossier, 22 performers from the academy who participated in International Yoga, karate and Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions across the world. Fourteen of these players secured gold, silver and bronze medal in their respective category. More than 100 players have participated in zonal and state level competition. Abhishri Rajput is the Director of Koya Fitness Academy. Abhishri is the Asian Gold Medalist in Yoga and National medalist in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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