The Power of Focus

With the advent of a new decade, we must expect a surge of surprising technological advancements, entertainment opportunities and endless new career paths. The youth of today have more choices to make than ever before, and to ensure a wise selection, each individual must realize the importance and power of being able to focus.

The ability to focus is so rare that it has now almost become a superpower - one that you cannot gain overnight. It is quite like building muscles - through repeated exercise routines and workouts. It requires you to practice mindfulness regularly until you perceive a strengthened willpower, a sense of ease in making quick decisions and most importantly the ability to engage in deep learning with high levels of concentration.

Why is it important to focus?

  • While the goal of improving our ability to focus might sound like an extremely subjective or an intangible ambition to work towards, the power of focus can be miraculous.

  • It gives you almost a hundred percent guarantee to succeed at the task at hand.

  • It ensures that the process of achieving your goal is one of heightened pleasure.

  • Last but not the least you know you have performed to the best of your ability when you have done the same mindfully.

How can you tell if someone is focused?

  • A clear sign of being in complete focus is when you experience a state of “flow.” Colloquially referred to as being “in the zone,” achieving a state of flow is when you are immersed in a feeling of high spirited focus, full involvement and extreme enjoyment during the activity.

  • You lose a sense of your whereabouts and time and instead find yourself absorbing every minute detail of the process completely.

  • Initially, the resistance to overcome your desire to procrastinate or let your mind wander off might be hard, but gradually a focused state of mind will become second nature. Professionals with expertise in their passion acknowledge that most of their masterpieces are created while in a state of flow and with complete focus.

    How can we focus better?

    • Allotting time to meditate, following a morning and a bedtime routine, creating a conducive study space without human or technological distractions are all great habits that would boost your focusing powers!

    • To immediately gauge the qualitative difference increased focus can have, re-read this article while letting the meaning of each word sink in and without switching tabs or letting any other thoughts interfere with your purpose of understanding this piece.