Dr. Anand Gokani has been a valuable part of the EIS family for years now. With more than thirty years of experience in medicine and a specialized diabetologist, Dr. Gokani, the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, shared his expertise and tips on healthy living. On the 6th and 7th of August, Dr. Gokani engaged in an online interactive discussion on “From Faith to Fulfilment” with students from grades 10th to 12th

According to Dr. Gokani, the journey of faith to fulfilment is paved with experiences that define the quality of well-being. He walked the students and the audience through subjects like achievement, success, goals, passion, focus, ambition, optimism, purpose etc. “Figuratively speaking”, he says, “it is important that you have a clock and a compass” to navigate through life in the most successful way. To plan ahead for a good life, he emphasizes the importance of time and direction in life to be able to achieve a goal. 

Identifying one’s passion is the first step to have a purpose-driven life. He notes that while the path towards the goal may be deterred with obstacles, but the key is to be disciplined in life. He adds, “Discipline is the bridge between ambition and achievement; it is timeless- as old as the hills.” 

He encouraged students to have faith in themselves and to shrug off self-doubt, idleness and worrisome attitude to chart the heights of success. He motivated them to commit to hard work and adopt honesty to build a strong character. After all, the fruits of labour and hard work are the sweetest.

He shared anecdotes from his personal life, and episodes from Mahabharata, Akbar and Birbal and moral stories like the Ant and the Grasshopper. Dr. Gokani, thus, empowered students with tools, instruments and vision to lead a fulfilling life. His enriching ideas and philosophies compelled students to reflect on the quality of life that resonate with well-being. The session was lively and it led to a thoughtful discussion with Dr. Gokani, and it went on to garner a lot of appreciation from the audience.