What are Energy Vampires?

Have you ever repeatedly felt drained around someone or somewhere? Does your desire to work and be your usual active self decline rapidly in specific circumstances? If yes, you might be unknowingly encountering an energy vampire.

While most people attribute the vices of an energy vampire to people, we believe places and circumstances can also leech energy out of you. The following are some ways in which we can recognize energy vampires and work towards distancing ourselves from them:-

  1. Notice personal change in energy levels

The key to identifying energy vampires is by being aware of their effect on yourself. Look for repeated signs of increasing discomfort, anxiety, laziness, and stress when around someone or in a certain place. Recognizing this shift in emotions might be a long-term discovery, but the only way you can remove yourself from an equation with an energy vampire is by identifying the latter.

  1. Minimize interpersonal encounters with the identified people and places

If you find yourself feeling low in a certain room at your workplace or home, try to spend as little time there as possible. Our bodies are complex systems, and get easily affected by colours, sights and smells. So if a crammed up, dusty room with little or no ventilation leaves you feeling dreary, you must try to find an alternative place. Similarly, if a colleague or a new friend you made at the library, leaves you with dampened spirits and renders you unproductive, try to limit personal interaction with them by meeting them infrequently or better still only in groups.

  1. Don't blame yourself

We often find it easier to blame ourselves for our imbalanced emotions than the real culprits. Instead of going down a route of self-pity and directing punishments and anger at yourself for not being productive enough the previous day, stop and think about what made you feel listless in the first place. Spending some quality time with yourself to analyze your own emotions will help you realize what might be causing disarray within.

  1. Focus on what makes you feel good

Once you target all your attention towards people who liven up your spirits and bring out the best version of yourself, you will automatically attract similar characteristics in the new people you acquaint yourself with. The same idea goes with places. If rooms with indoor plants, or windows and light painted walls make you feel good, try to recreate your space similarly. 

  1. Be selective with your time

Realize your personal and professional goals and spend every minute of the day working towards achieving them. For instance, if you personally wish to be a more optimistic, kinder or more grateful person, try to engage with people who you can mirror those attributes from. There will always be that distant school friend, cousin or neighbour who perpetually looks at life through rose-tinted spectacles, all you have to do is reach out to them to feel their infectious energy seep into you.