Virtual student exchange is the finest way to utilize technology to foster intercultural dialogue between schools. Elpro International School (EIS) in collaboration with SD Muhammadiyah Sapen Elementary School, Indonesia engaged in a children webinar on the topic ‘Know Disaster, No Disaster’. This collaboration was brought in association with The British Council International Dimensions in Schools (IDS).

IDS supports schools in fostering an international ethos by embedding international awareness and global citizenship within classes and schools. The virtual cultural exchange between EIS and SD Muhammadiyah Sapen brought an exciting opportunity for students to build cultural understanding, communication skills and knowledge of the wider world.

Based on the topic of the program, IDS presented students with a global collaborative experience to learn about a common disaster that is typical to both India and Indonesia- cyclones. An informative presentation was put forward about cyclones, the types of cyclones, their causes and impacts, their indications and aftermath management. The presentation was a result of collaborative efforts between students of both the schools.

The IDS interaction also included a science activity that demonstrated ‘tornado in a bottle’. The event ended with an interesting Kahoot quiz based on the research and learnings of the topic of the day. The session ended with a vote of thanks.

It was an educative program which allowed students to partake in research based project through a collaborative experience. Such free exchange of ideas and knowledge reinforced the value of learning in the global context.