TEDx events are held around the world to initiate thought-provoking conversations and to unleash new ideas. This inspiring platform is based on TED’s spirit of discovering “ideas worth spreading”. Elpro International School (EIS) is delighted to reveal that the institute is a proud recipient of TED license, which allows the school to organize independent TEDx events. EIS believes that these sessions will not only inspire the school community, but it will spark exciting conversations, keep the community informed and above all, it will cover a wide range of subjects to foster learning and provoke wonder.

TEDx events reflect an immense diversity in tone and form. As TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, TEDx will present a diverse range of topics- from philosophical arguments to technological innovation, from historical perspectives to cultural analysis, from scientific theories to artistic process. The world is your oyster and TEDx is the ideal platform to facilitate these conversations.

It is also a community-driven program, which makes it open to a diverse group of participants. TEDx is open to students, as well as to the faculty and staff of EIS rather than being limited to a few prominent or repeat TEDx speakers.

It is time to put on your thinking caps and let the best ideas shine through! The TEDx experience will make the school community empowered, enriched and will serve as a means to make the local voices be heard.

So, inspire and be inspired. TEDx awaits you!