Table for four

Pranav Kappal of Grade 9B.

History seems to be interpreted as something that happened before we were born. However, it simply means the study of past events, particularly in human affairs. It will be very exciting to get an opportunity of being at the same table with great people who changed the course of history in their respective areas.


How about thinking of a small round table with four chairs, a full plate in front of each, two glasses one for juice and the other for water, cutlery, and a napkin. The dinner menu will be a mix of Indian, Japanese, and continental considering the guests I am planning to host.


The time would be 8 pm when the doorbell will ring and I would have the privilege to welcome the three greats- Akio Morita, founder of Sony along with Steve Jobs who created Apple, and Freddy Mercury, the legendary musician. They all would be smiling and walking towards me as I would greet them with folded hands. During the dinner, I would learn so much about technology, music, and devices.


Why would these three be my guests of choice for dinner? Mr. Morita demonstrated the best global vision and chose the name Sony derived from the Latin sonus, “sound” which was simple to say and write in any language. In the field of music(Walkman) and camera(cyber shot), Sony changed the way we listen to and see the world when the company brought Bravia TVs into our rooms. Apart from this, Mr. Morita was also a very persuading marketer. He used various terms such as “pocket-sized” for his portable radio and Walkman. Sony is also the company that created the now world-famous and go-to gaming console, the PlayStation. Steve Jobs is one of the greatest innovators and most inspirational entrepreneurs of our time. One of his greatest strengths was being able to bring together the ideas of intellectual people and create something extraordinary. 

Steve Jobs' company, Apple, was the one on whose products my father started his career in 1993. After his engineering, my father picked the IT job of installing Apple Macintosh and fondly talks about it. With the Apple iPhone, iPad, and other products, Mr. Jobs brought in the revolution of experience like no other. Freddie Mercury is a music legend whose tracks in every gym and clubhouse still keeps the momentum and energy going. He was a British musician, singer, and vocalist of the music group, Queen. I am sure you have heard many of their songs such as We Will rock you and Bohemian Rhapsody. To this day, he is considered as one of the greatest singers in history, and his songs stand above the majority of today’s songs in terms of popularity, even though the band broke up in 1984. One more thread that ties them all is their ability to rise above failures. These guests had their share of personal and professional challenges but had the courage to overcome them. 


My learning from these people would make me inquisitive, patient, and goal-oriented. I also have a passion to bring technology and music together in my life ahead so who better than Mr. Morita, Mr. Jobs, and Mr. Mercury to guide me over dinner.