Study Abroad Series By IDBP Wing of EIS

Studying abroad can be one of the most beneficial experiences for a student. Keeping students' best interests forward, Elpro International School's IB wing conceptualized a 'Study Abroad' series with seven wonderful speakers who have all the experience and expertise regarding the topic. The series was conducted every Sunday, including five sessions from the 13th of June to the 11th of July, 2021.

IB Diploma Program is widely regarded as an academically challenging syllabus worldwide, and it's famous for its degree of rigor. The acceptance rates of IB students into Ivy League Universities are up to 18% higher. Ivy League Universities include eight elite universities of the Northeastern United States like Cornell University, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, etc. The Study Abroad series, brought forward by the IB wing of EIS, stands as a very relevant program for students who aspire to study in these prestigious universities of the world.

The first speaker of the series was Mr. Anansh Prasad, an Alumni of Cornell University and the Founder and MD of SkillSphere Education. He spoke on "Way ahead for developing the right skillsets." Mr. Suraj Peri joined in for the second session, an Alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University and the Co-founder of Gradvine, a diverse mentor network for students. He shared with students how "Profile Building" can be crucial for their dream education. The third session included three wonderful speakers: Mr. Lintardo Donovan, a student of Dartmouth College; Mr. Gautom Das, a student of Maryland College; and Mr. Shariar Vaez Ghaemi, who is an expert in the field of the American education system. Together, they provided insightful information on "Conquering College Admission: The Real Talk." Mr. Prasad Kumar joined in for the fourth session to enlighten students on "All about SATs and ACTs." Lastly, Ms. Vibha Kagzi, another Alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University and the Founder and CEO of ReachIvy Harvard Business School, joined for the fifth session to provide financial insight into the costing details of studying abroad. She spoke on the topic "Ultimate guide to financing your education abroad," which is vital for pursuing higher education abroad.

The Study Abroad series of IB wing proved to be a success with students participating from EIS and other schools across the country. It covered a range of topics, which are a significant concern for most aspiring students. Choosing the right university is the centerpiece of any study abroad trip; hence, having an enhanced understanding of the same can be fruitful for better career opportunities.

The IB wing of EIS is delighted to be able to cater to students' needs with the correct information through experts, who shared their knowledge and motivated students to pursue their dream education.