It is a proud moment for Elpro International School as one of its former students, Poonam Maharana is crowned as Diadem Miss India Legacy 2021. The beauty contest was held on 18th December, 2021 at Kingdom of Dreams, Gurugram.

18 years old Poonam is the daughter of Mr. B. Maharana and Sangita Maharana from Pune. She completed her schooling up to 12th grade from Elpro International School, Chinchwad. She is currently pursuing BTech in Computer Science Engineering in Artificial Intelligence from SRM Engineering College, Chennai.

Expressing her joy over winning the beauty pageant, she said, “Winning the crown was magical. It was a joyful moment that I didn’t ever expect to happen. I was glad that I was there and I enjoyed it thoroughly.” Elaborating on her journey at EIS, she mentioned teachers and students were extremely supportive of her in each and every field. She added, “EIS provided me the stage that I wanted and made me grow into a confident person.”

Along with her talent, beauty and confidence, Poonam also has a strong sense of compassion and humility. Diadem Miss India Legacy platform has provided her the perfect space to work towards the cause of women empowerment by sensitizing society upon the issues surrounding menstrual safety and hygiene.

After winning the title of Diadem Miss India Legacy 2021, Poonam is set to prepare for upcoming contest in the world stage.

At a very nascent stage in her career, Poonam has achieved a remarkable milestone by winning the crowning glory. Director-Principal Dr. Amrita Vohra emphasized upon the holistic development of individuals to be ready for the world beyond the classroom. She said, “EIS is a strong believer of the fact that we have to get the child world-ready. Extracurricular activities and experiences outside the class help to shape an individual. We hone students’ abilities to face the world with a degree of comfort so that they can grapple with anything that comes in life.”

Elpro International School wishes her success for all her future endeavors.