Microsoft 365 for Education

Dear Parents,

The world is going through an unprecedented time. The ongoing crisis due to the pandemic has caused the classroom education system come to a halt. However, EIS is making every possible effort to achieve the impossible, and ensuring that students’ academic learning goes unhindered.

As such, keeping students’ academic future in the forefront, EIS is on a mission to unlock technology to deliver education. Staying true to the model of ‘powerhouse of learning’, EIS will soon launch Microsoft 365 for Education. It is the single most safe solution to streamline education in order to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our education system.

Microsoft 365 for Education is a premium product that will soon be available and accessible to students and parents. Students will have access to the entire Microsoft ecosystem, which will bring together Office 365, resources, e-mail, assignments, innovative apps, intelligent tools, and the ability to have seamless communication with teachers beyond the classroom.

The association of EIS with Microsoft is in alignment with the school’s vision of a progressive institution. Quality education and students’ growth are the bedrock principles of EIS. Microsoft 365 will bring a transformative learning experience to students, which will instill 21st century skills, enhance student learning and performance, and spark creativity in them as well. EIS is one of the few schools in India and the only school in Pune that standardizes on Microsoft 365.

Access to Microsoft education technology will help students save time, stay more organized, collaborate; while teachers will be able to track individual students, and respond more effectively. Hopefully, the introduction to Microsoft 365 will be the cornerstone of student success in the future. It is one of a kind innovative venture for EIS and the management is excited to bring this virtual hub of learning, sharing and connecting for students and teachers very soon. Happy Learning!

Dr. Amrita Vohra/ Team EIS