Good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids grow up healthy. On the 28th of April, EFS planned a 'Culinary Day' to encourage smart eating habits among kids.

Through a virtual session, the importance of eating healthy food was eloquently explained to the kids, and then fun cooking activities were arranged for them. Our little ones put on their chef hats and prepared to take a masterclass from their wonderful teachers. All the cooking activities were based on cooking without fire and the food prepared was loaded in essential nutrients.

The pre-nursery and nursery kids prepared a delicious curd fruit salad under the watchful guidance of their teachers and parents. The results were colorful and mouth-watering! The kids from K-I made yummy biscuit canopies, that almost looked like party snacks. The toppings were simple, quick and tasty, thus whipping up some healthy finger food. The K-II kids, on the other hand, engaged in dishing up a healthy sprout salad. Sprouts offer a variety of health benefits, and kids showed a lot of enthusiasm in preparing it.

Opting for healthy food is a key mechanism in building one's immunity and an overall healthy lifestyle. Sonia Dhole, parent of Advika Dhole from K-II (B) shared a lovely message appreciating the virtual classes that EFS has arranged for kids. The learning goes on beyond the classroom walls as teachers continue sharing fun activities, videos, worksheets and resourceful study materials for kids to carry on with their lessons.