Hari and the Cloud

Written by Siddhi Latey (Weloquent)

There was once a hardworking farmer by the name of Hari Singh. He was caring, sensitive, and supportive. However, the villagers found him peculiar because he did not like sitting idly smoking with them, or loitering aimlessly. A diligent individual, Hari kept to himself and his fields. He was passionate about farming and would often happily dedicate several hours working hard in his field.

One day the Oracle announced that there was to be a famine in the village with no rains for a long time. All the villagers were stressed and thought of ways to appease the gods. Neglecting and abandoning their fields, the villagers performed special yagnas – but all to no avail. 

Meanwhile, Hari continued going to his fields and ploughing them, neglecting the villagers who made fun of him. One day a small cloud was observing Hari till the soil and curiously asked why he was working when he knew there would be no rain? To this Hari replied, “I am a farmer doing my work. I have a habit of working in the fields during the day. If I don’t do my work for a long time, I might forget how to do it. If the rains decide to come, my furrows will be ready for them.”

Impressed with Hari’s response, the cloud finally rained on Hari’s fields and spread his mercy across the parched village.            

Moral: Success is not always about greatness but consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success.   

This story is an excerpt from this tale.


We all have aspirations and dreams and hope to someday achieve them. However, we often digress from our goals and blame fate for the misfortunes that we encounter. Although there may be occasions where things are beyond our control, consistent hard work can often help us sail through them to achieve success in what we seek.

The following are some guidelines to help you transform your dreams into reality:-    

Dream It 

Dreams help you answer a crucial question: what is your definition of success? We are often influenced by the decisions of our peers to pursue a particular stream of learning or might think that our field of interest might not be financially rewarding. But the first step to being successful is defining what success means to you, which is often synonymous with your dreams.

Plan It Out

To achieve dreams you must plan for them. You must sit down with your thoughts and set achievable milestones. When you set small goals to look forward to, your dream starts to take shape encouraging you to continue on your journey. To create a well-planned road map, you can take guidance from a career counselor, teachers, parents, friends, or any other well-wisher you trust.

 Work For It

You might have heard that there is no short-cut to success. However, the great thing about chasing your dream is that it will not feel like work. When you are truly passionate about something, you are happy to lose sleep over it, and it is what makes you jump out of bed. Tribulations are mere obstacles that come your way in an attempt to distract you, but you must persist just as Hari was undeterred and consistently pursued farming. On the other hand, mechanically working to achieve something you are not passionate about will only exhaust you and the returns might not even feel rewarding.   

Fix It Up

The villagers in our story blamed their misfortune to the famine and left it up to destiny to fix. We must not give up so easily on our dreams, instead, we must take responsibility for them and find a solution to all the problems that come our way.  

Back It Up

If we want success we must also leave room for failure because not always will everything go as planned. Therefore, have a backup plan ready. Failures tend to make you feel like it is the end of the world, but always remember, success is sweeter when you have worked harder to achieve it. Remember, pursuing your passion might be a risky path - you might succeed, you might fail, but not doing anything - is the riskiest - then there is no chance of success.