EQ It Up: A Pathway to Improve Emotional Wellness

In this unprecedented time of pandemic, school can sometimes feel stressful and it is common to feel overwhelmed. As a place of learning and growth, Elpro International School (EIS) strives to support the wellbeing of students. A major component of individual wellness includes emotional wellbeing. At EIS, we understand that the best approach to emotional wellness is a holistic and preventive approach.

EIS conducted a session on ‘EQ It Up’ in association with Kids for Peace, a global, nonprofit, youth organization. The session was jointly facilitated by Meg Jansen, Peace Pledge Director and Aimee Clark, one of the Members of Board of Directors at Kids for Peace. Aimee took over the session to share some brilliant self-care and stress care tools for students to practice in order to relieve stress.

She educated students about how body responds to moments of stress in various ways like holding breath, shallow breathing, heart racing, heat waves in the body, high BP, etc. She emphasized on the importance of breathing to soothe the stress. Students learnt different types of stress-release breathwork that were integrated with laughter, singing, om chanting, shaking and growling and screaming into the pillow.

Students also learnt counting palms and butterfly tapping techniques, which involves bilateral stimulation to reduce stress. Stress massage is another technique that students learnt during the session. Slow massaging the key areas of temple, shoulders and hands can bring a sense of calmness into the body. These self-care tools and strategies are aimed at preparing students to cope up with stressful moments in life.

The session was extremely insightful as it helped students understand how to process emotions during a stressful time. Aimee encouraged them to share the tools and techniques with their siblings and friends. Students also had important questions that were duly answered by Aimee during the Q&A session. Students thoroughly enjoyed the session as they understood that the emotional wellbeing is an important dimension of their overall health and happiness.