The age of technology has unlocked new doors of virtual cross-border collaboration in education. Elpro International School, Chinchwad is delighted to collaborate with SK Seksyen, 13 in Selangar, Malaysia in association with AFS India and AFS Malaysia.

As a part of International Dimension in Schools (IDS) project, on the 27th of August, 2021, students of grade 5 from EIS and SK Seksyen 13 collaboratively demonstrated a formal presentation on ‘Theory of Tribes’. Students learnt about four different types of tribes from around the world; namely Gond tribe from India, Semang tribe from Malaysia, Innuit Tribe from Alaska and Zulu tribe from Africa. It was an enlightening session as students provided insights related to their social and cultural practices that involved habitat, language, food, religion, customs, festivals, lifestyle and art and craft. 

Students raised awareness regarding the vital roles of the tribes towards environmental conservation and the many challenges faced by them due to urbanization, deforestation, climate change etc. The presentation was engaging enough to make students appreciate the differences and cherish the similarities of different human races. The young students exhibited a lot of potential and maturity in successfully presenting their cultural research on various tribes.

The virtual collaborative presentation showcased the significance of community-based online learning that can increase students’ understanding of what it means to be a part of the global world. It also promoted compassion and understanding to overcome prejudice and conflicts in different cultures.

Sugandha Khandelwal, the Head of Communications and Marketing at EIS extended her gratitude and appreciation to SK Seksyen 13 for joining EIS on this beautiful journey of learning. Yusnidar Mohammed, Principal of SK Seksyen 13, Malaysia, thanked EIS for inviting the school to be a part of IDS project. She added, “This is a great learning opportunity for all our participants. I hope all the presentation today will equip the teachers and students with sophisticated current skills and give them new knowledge.” Annie Yap, Head of AFS Malaysia also commended the students’ talent and confidence for their presentation skills. Miss Bee Bee Ong from SK Seksyen 13 appreciated the initiative to learn about sensitive topics related to tribal cultures, and embraced the opportunity with the support of the parents. The whole project was a culmination of 3 months of preparation, cooperation and hardwork of teachers and students. It was an extremely educative session which encouraged intercultural learning among students and teachers alike. The event concluded with a vote of thanks.