As innovation becomes core to the school experience, Elpro International School (EIS) leads the way by stirring creativity of its students. Samyak Jain, a student from EIS has exhibited remarkable technical resourcefulness as he went on to develop an Auto Forecast Irrigation System.

At the CBSE Regional Science exhibition hosted by the school last year, Samyak got the opportunity to present his unique Automatic Irrigation System. The innovative Agri-Tech idea was then processed to be rightfully registered with the Copyright Office, Government of India to provide it legal protection in a copyrightable work. The software is a unique technique that uses the weather forecast along with soil sensors to control the pump irrigating the crops. It is further equipped with a failsafe mechanism in case the weather forecast is incorrect. The school provided immense support to the student in helping him successfully patent his work by collaborating with the Pune-based White Collar Legal LLP.

In the midst of the glorious moment of success, Samyak displays his gratitude saying, "I feel elated to have this Copyright on my name. It just gives me a sense of satisfaction that my idea has got such a great conclusion. I am looking forward to it getting adopted in day to day life soon. I extend my sincerest gratitude to Principal ma’am, my teachers, the school administration and most importantly my parents who have guided and supported me during the entire filing process. The outcome of the project would not have been possible without the efforts put in by Mr Kunal and his team that they put in to make it happen."

The school Principal, Dr Amrita Vohra said, "It is a matter of great pride for the entire Elpro family. Achievements like these display the mettle of my student talent pool and goes to show that we believe in giving real life, hands on opportunities to our learners. Whether or not it culminates into something is secondary for us. I am extremely happy with Samyak’s grit and belief in his idea which has got him this success."