EIS is proud to hold the 7th edition of EIS MUN and the 2nd edition of E-MUN in collaboration with its knowledge partner, SkillSphere Education. The virtual MUN brings the opportunity for students to partake in Model UN from the comfort of their homes. 160 Students from over 18 different schools across India participated in the EIS E-MUN, the theme of which was 'The Sustainable Development Goals', which is conceptualized to ensure global problems are solved sustainably.

As the world continues to be ravaged with health crisis, violence, food scarcity etc., the EIS MUN's SDG Summit is a step towards finding resolutions for global issues. The 5 Committees and their agendas revolve around the developmental goals as laid down by UN in 2012 that promote sustainable, equitable and peaceful world for future generations.

With 7 different committees discussing a range of issues including empowerment of women, reforming prison systems, the COVAX initiative, food security and refugee right, the event was truly successful in inspiring students to make a tangible difference. The conference witnessed thought provoking debates, and effective draft resolutions in all committees.

The inaugural ceremony of EIS MUN SDG Summit was marked by the presence of Madhura Dasgupta Sinha, the Founder & CEO of Aspire For Her. Her vision resonates with one of the agendas of EIS's SDG Summit, that is to help women navigate their career paths by bridging the economic gender gap. Through a forward looking and diversity focused perspective, she has embarked upon a journey to build an ecosystem of equal workspace in the country. 

Sharing some words of inspiration, Madhura Dasgupta said, "Our entire mission is to ensure that women have financial independent. This is not about putting down men, this is not even about competing with men, it is just about being better as a country and society." She praised EIS as a forward-thinking institute and added, "EIS-MUN is a fantastic platform for all of us to interact and probably the only way to see so many countries together on one page, especially under the given circumstances."

Dr. Amrita Vohra, the Director-Principal of EIS, on the occasion said, "If we can talk about sustainable goals and values like sustainability, sensitivity to environment and the right ecosystem, then we have created the right kind of filters with students which are going to then steer and guide them in the future. Elpro International School Pune will continue to promote sustainability, internationalism and ideation among its students through several other exciting knowledge-oriented events in the coming months."

Says Anansh Prasad, Founder and MD - SkillSphere Education, "EIS SDG Summit 2020 was a celebration of sustainable problem solving and ideation. We want to encourage students to think of ideas with long term horizon in mind. We were happy to see the way students were able to think things through and collobarate in all committees."

The theme of EIS-MUN SDG Summit rightly reflects the kind of conversation that the world needs so as to encourage students to think differently, while enabling them to provide a clean and green world for the future generations.