EFS Winter Camp

The onset of winter does not have to dampen the spirit of children. To get them flowing with energy and enthusiasm, Elpro First Steps (EFS) hosted Winter Camp packed with a comprehensive list of fun activities. The 5-day long EFS Winter Camp took place from the 23rd to 27th of November, 2021.

The first day of Winter Camp started with a beautiful movie evening. With pillows and cushions in place, kids snuggled up for a perfect movie experience along with their perfect movie snacks that included popcorn and candyfloss. The second day was titled Fun-A-Thon which was themed around fun science activities. Students had a firsthand experience of the magic of science that lighted up their eyes and sparked curiosity in them. Simple science activities allowed them to explore natural phenomena and learn new things.

EFS Winter Camp had a lot in store for kids that offered unique experiences while keeping them entertained. In association with Mad Over Doughnuts, the junior Master Chefs of EFS geared up to decorate doughnuts in a beautiful way with Chef Jasveer Singh. Kids were accompanied by their parents, which allowed opportunity for bonding and sharing special moments together. The doughnuts turned out to be impressively wonderful- some colorful and some extra chocolaty.

The Winter Camp also ensured that kids soak up the winter sun with outdoor activities. Kids participated in commando crawling, dart-throwing, hula-hooping, net climbing, slacklining amongst a bunch of other activities. Kids particularly enjoyed star-gazing as it filled their minds with wonder. They also had a wonderful bonfire experience along with singing and dancing.

The EFS Winter Camp turned out to be a perfect merry-making occasion and a special experience that kids are going to cherish for days to come. It was an engaging experience that was full of laughter, smiles, new learnings and love. On the last day, kids were provided certificates of participation for being a part of the wholesome experience of EFS Winter Camp.