Elpro International School in partnership with SkillSphere Education hosted a two-day E-Quest program on the 24th and 25th July. E-Quest enables students to explore the infinite possibilities of ideating, research and presentation through case studies, debates and discussions relevant to the COVID-19 times.

Day one saw interesting case studies which was a result of students’ collaborative team work, research and analytical abilities that made the presentations a very enriching affair. The event saw the presence of the eminent judges, Mr. Vikram B. Deshmukh, Associate Edulegal Director; and Dr. Shilpa, an educator, Founder, Director and Chairperson of Phlox Educon. Three teams of students presented case studies on the given topics “Measures to ensure better data connectivity for students in remote areas of India to ensure technology-driven remote education”, followed by the topic “Integrating Online and Offline Learning Post the Lockdown” and lastly, “Preventing an educational divide between the rich and the poor during the lockdown” respectively. Students were confident in their content delivery and rightly used the opportunity to voice their opinions on online education, which was highly laudable.

The second day saw students involved in a constructive debate on the motion “Online learning is here to stay”. The debate was judged by Abdullah Parkar, who is helming SkillSphere Expansion in the Middle East; and Shubhi Mathur, a Consultant at the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. The proposition team and the opposition team presented a strikingly eloquent dialogue, where they assessed different viewpoints and offered rebuttals to the arguments that were put forward. They were actively involved in critical thinking and took ownership of their own intellectual development.

The debate was followed by an enlightening panel discussion on “Learning in the era of COVID-19 and thereafter”, which witnessed participation of some amazing resource speakers. The panellists were Dr. Sumer Singh, veteran educationist; Mohit Dubey, CEO, AIC-MITADT at MIT ADT University; Maya Menon, HOD of English department, EIS; Aditya Malla, General Manager of Double tree Hilton and a parent; Swati Mehta, Hands on Mother and a parent and Atharva Shitole, a student of 12th grade of EIS. Moderated by Anansh Prasad, Founder & MD of Skillsphere Education, the panel discussion included varied voices that are associated with education and learning, thus bringing in insightful reflections and thought-provoking ideas from different perspectives. The discussion explored the implications of online learning and its challenges, benefits, scope for possible technological innovations etc.  They shed light on the multi-dimensionality of the issue under discussion, making it an extremely fulfilling discussion.

The E-Quest is a perfect platform for brainstorming, research, collaboration and presentation, which are indispensible to a well-rounded educational experience. The case studies, debate and panel discussion were relevant to the current age making it a successfully engaging event. EIS looks forward to many such interesting events in the future to foster critical thinking, public speaking, research and presentation skills in students.