EFS conducted a "Dress Me Up" event on the 30th April for the young tots to help them experience a unique fashion art. The Dress-Up event was based on the love of paper, where their beautiful attires were given a newspaper spin.

Video link on paper folding craft was shared with parents; and an ongoing communication between teachers, parents and students helped in keeping the event interactive throughout the process. Students from Pre-nursery to K-II participated in the event, and their parents used their creativity in putting together a fanciful attire. Students were enthusiastic about day-dressing, while they helped parents in weaving some magic. The newspaper dresses came out beautifully as some dressed in sari, shirts, cute frocks, fairy attire, while others were seen dressed in cowboy-style waist jacket, chef-coat and hats, witchy costume, gown etc.

With their beautiful newspaper costume on, the young one were ready to take over the ramp. They also had beautiful accessories made of newspaper like hats, caps, crowns and flowers to adorn their look. Students from K-I and K-II also explained the dresses they were wearing to their teachers in a couple of sentences. It was a brilliant art and craft activity which students enjoyed a lot and kept them productive as they learnt creative ways to use a newspaper.