Combating Monday Blues

The first step to finding a solution to a problem is understanding the problem itself. So let’s start with - what are the Monday blues? In its most basic form #Mondaybues equate #postweekendblues caused by grief of acknowledging the end of something you believe is fun, while expecting the start of something you believe is tedious. Thus, the most obvious and yet hardest way to combat Monday Blues is by ensuring that the "work" that comes with Mondays is just as enjoyable as the “play” that comes with weekends.

While in most cases the phenomenon of Monday blues is one that can be laughed off with the sharing of memes, and an exchange of sympathies, in some cases it is a strong indicator of required change in the chosen profession or career path. The following are some ways in which you can ensure you wake up from bed with a spring in your feet all seven days of the week:-

  1. Find your Ikigai and work towards it

Ikigai translates to “reason for being” and the Japanese believe that each one of us have an Ikigai. It’s all about finding it. There are several books like the Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life that will help you explore your passions and unearth your interests. Once you identify your motivation and your strengths half the battle is won. Make sure you spend the rest of your life, including all your Sundays and your Mondays inching forward in that direction, and suddenly you will find yourself cured from the seemingly maddening disease of the Monday Blues.

  1. Ensure a smooth transition into the week
    Most people make a heaven out of Sundays and put themselves through hell on Mondays. The cyclic repetition of this behaviour creates a fear in our minds which in return makes us detest the start of the week. A good way to ease into your Mondays is by making sure it starts off on a good note. Instead of waking up late, stumbling to work and opening your eyes to a heap of pending work and approaching deadlines, wake up early, treat yourself to your favourite breakfast dish, and make your way to work with time in hand a song in your head.

  1. Divide the intensity of your work throughout the week
    More often than not, people leave the week’s most challenging work for Mondays - hoping that they will be recharged after the weekend and thus tackle it successfully. But overtime we know that that is never the case. Divide your tasks into those that you enjoy working on and those that you don’t - and equally distribute them throughout the week.

  1. Reap your work results on Monday

If you lead a team, try to share the results of the past week’s work on a Monday morning. That way you and your team will have something to look forward to and excitedly await the start of the work week. If you work independently try to start your Monday by performing simple tasks that give you instant gratification and positive results so that you are motivated to continue climbing up the ladder through the day.

  1. Animate your work space

Create a conducive work environment - one that you miss being a part of over the weekend. Creatively drawn posters with your favourite motivational quotes, green plants, a comfy rug, some cherished photographs, and certificates/trophies of marks of achievements are all great things to accessorize your work space with. A well-lit room, with soft, ambient music, a colourful bookcase for a wall, some flowering plants - and don’t you wish you could be at work all week?