Sports celebrations are the best, aren’t they? Needless to say, this zealous celebration is also very contagious!

Elpro International School, in association with the Sports Gurukul brought students a mammoth sports festival of the season. The school witnessed a 2-week long enthusiastic celebration of sports and games that began from the 9th of November. 

Colourful balloons were released into the sky marking the beginning of a frolicsome Elpro Sports Fest, 2019. The Festival involved a wide array of indoor and outdoor sports and games like cricket, basketball, football, volleyball, long jump, tennis, throw ball, table tennis, carrom and chess. The intensity of the matches, the surge of adrenaline, the thrilling moments, the scenes of jubilation, the joy of winning, and the heart-breaking losses- the entire premises of EIS had a palpable sense of fiery energy.

The four houses of EIS, namely, Jal, Vayu, Agni and Prithvi displayed a stunning spectacle of fervid athletic talent with teams pitting against each other. The young athletes thrived on competitions and yet displayed sporty spirit, and they simply revelled in the nail-biting anticipation of winning the matches. These exhilarating days had many resounding experiences for participants and supporters alike, thus creating lasting memories.

The event was marked by the presence of some of the biggest names in sports who embody class and character in every sense. Our Chief Guest of the event was none other than the Champion of the 5th Carrom World Cup, Mr. Prashant More. The school was also honoured to have former Indian Test cricketer, Balwinder Singh Sandhu, Table Tennis veteran Kamlesh Mehta, Indian chess Grandmaster Praveen Thipsay and the Indian Cricket Legend Kapil Dev for the Valedictory Ceremony. The presence of such remarkable personalities added magnificence to the event and instilled a sense of inspiration among the students. Their words of appreciation, motivation, anecdotes and support left an unfading impression upon the young athletes. Not only they played with the students and encouraged them, they also handed out trophies and merit certificates to the winners.

The excitement of the event amplified tenfold as the Elpro Sports Arena got inaugurated by Shri Kapil Dev on the 24th of November. It was indeed a very proud moment for the entire school community to have him as a part of the Sports Fest. 

With more than thousand students participating in the event from various schools across Pune, Elpro Sports Fest truly lived up to be the grandest sports festival of the city. The best sports had come together at Elpro Sports Fest, where extraordinary sportsmanship was celebrated joyfully. Thus keeping up with the momentum of Modi’s Fit India Movement, EIS is spearheading the beginning of a new era of sports in the city of Pune.