An evening of inspiration

Swastika sinha

I would like to invite those who motivated me a lot and because of whom I got much knowledge on how to achieve success in life :

First I would invite my role model, Kadambini Ganguly who was one of the first Indian female doctors who practised with a degree in Western medicine. She was the first woman to gain admission to Calcutta medical college. Then she was trained in Scotland and established a successful medical practice in India. From a very small age, she had the ambition to become a female doctor this is because she saw many women around dying due to illnesses that could be treated but because there were not many female doctors they were left untreated. During British rule women and girls were supposed to hide behind their veils, but this extraordinary woman broke all stereotypes of discrimination and with immense determination and hard work she managed to become a doctor. Many people tried to bring her down and the Indian society clothed her and declared her as impure just because, being a girl tried to pursue her dreams to become a doctor. Yet she proved them wrong and that's why I want to have the opportunity to invite her to know what made her so strong from was she so much influenced in becoming a doctor and what was the key to her success. I also want to become a  surgeon ...therefore meeting kadambini Ganguli aka my role model would be very helpful for building my future.

Second, I would invite Neerja Bhanot who was a flight attendant, and she was shot while helping passengers escape through the emergency exits as the flight she was in had been hijacked by some terrorists. somehow after seeing the movie neerja I got truly inspired by her ...she at a very age sacrificed her life while saving the passengers on board. I have no words to describe how brave she stood. Once she had said id rather die than run away ...and on 5th September 1986 she proved her words. she did not run away from the hijackers instead she saved every passenger on the flight and in the process she died. I dont have any words to describe this braveheart but yes, I do want to know how she was so fearless even when death was near her and so I want to invite her.

Next, I would like to invite Albert Einstein. well, I knew Albert Einstein the great theoretical physicist, for a long time.  many people discussed him and how he helped with the development of humanity and science. But what inspired me the most, is a story about his childhood. Not only I got the inspiration but I also learnt a very strong and valuable lesson from it. One fine day Albert's mother received a note from his school regarding something. when Albert asked his mom what was it about his mom explained that he was a very good and special child who did not belong to such a small school and so the school wanted to shift him to another school that was bigger and nicer than the school he studies him and so he had to leave this school. After hearing this Albert got overjoyed and after being shifted to another school he did more better and scored highest in all his exams. later much time after his success he got to know that the letter was not about him being shifted to another school. It was about him being expelled from school because his grades and his behaviour both were deteriorating...from here I learnt that all we need is some self-confidence for success. If we have confidence in ourselves and say we can do it then none in the world would be able to stop us. this is just a small piece of his life's journey which I got to know and would love to know more about him as much as possible. So the third most person from history whom I would like to invite to my house for dinner is Albert einstein, not just for asking about his life's journey but also for knowing more about my most favourite subject science.

These people have influenced me a lot and it would be an honour and also fun to know more about them and their success by inviting them.