School collaborations are an integral part of the curriculum of EIS. On 16th July, EIS has had the delight to have the first international virtual collaboration project with Wapping High School, located in Central London.

An international collaboration is a global link between two schools in different countries that come together to expand the academic approaches to education. Currently, the global world is undergoing a moment of crisis; and therefore, both the schools had initiated a virtual discussion relevant to the current times on the topic- “The Impact of COVID Crisis on the World”. The event was live streamed on Facebook, which was presented by the students as a simulation of an international press conference.

Students portrayed the characters of renowned international experts from different organizations and agencies around the world. It saw the presence of prominent figures like Anthony Fauci, Carsten Brzeski, Ban Ki-moon and Joyce Msuya. The simulation of the international broadcast was brought in partnership with BBC in London and CNN 18, India with dedicated reporters probing into the right questions.

Global health crisis was at the centre of the discussion with expert comments from Fauci about the past pandemics and other deadly viruses to get an overview of the current situation. The discussion further encompassed measures taken by the government to limit the spread of the virus, breakdown of economies, sustainable carbon projects, environmental repercussions and viable solutions, impact on international trade and commerce, decreased prices of oil, rise of unemployment rates, job crisis etc. Interesting graphs of GDP, trends of trade, comparison chart of respiratory virus infections and their impact etc. were shared along with the discussion to provide the audience further insight into the matters. The simulation was presented through students’ own research work on the topic. It was a lively discussion that shed light on relevant subjects to enhance the understanding and spread more awareness on the current Covid-19 crisis.

It was a wonderful experience for the students to be a part of a simulation project that delved into the matters of international awareness, where they could work together towards a common goal. Quality and impactful collaborations have the potential to build the future of education. EIS looks forward to more opportunities for international collaborations that will effectively support and positively contribute towards practical approach to education.