Developing entrepreneurial skills can propel students into building successful business in the future. After all, entrepreneur is the new coveted career choice amongst the new generation. On the 26th of April, Kidspreneurs Workshop was held at GIIS for students of 9th grade to develop an understanding of creating a new venture among them.

The workshop began with a brainstorming session where students tried defining what being an entrepreneur means. They also brainstormed on innovative start-up ideas. They were repeatedly briefed upon generating new ideas and that no idea is necessarily silly.

The students were presented with two different pictures reflecting different problems. One was an image of a heavy traffic situation, while the other picture was of plastic dump. Students were asked to offer innovative solutions to the problems. Some students proposed the idea of carpooling, while another student suggested traffic police volunteering for the traffic problem. For the grave problem of plastic dump, students offered solutions like recycling plastic to make menstrual cups or various other products, reducing usage of plastic and using biodegradable plastic were alternate solutions. Keeping these solutions in mind, students were asked to form groups and each group was presented with a worksheet to accomplish a task. The task involved designing one’s own startup and naming it. They were asked to decide upon the key problem that their startup aimed at solving, then they were asked to propose a solution to the defined problem and the process that would be followed to deliver the solution. The task also emphasized on the marketing aspect of the startup where students had to identify their target population and lastly, they had to understand how the startup would make money and earn profit.

The activity thus presented to the students helped them to observe the problems, imagine ways to improve them and then design feasible solutions that can be implemented. The workshop was organized to nurture entrepreneurial skills among the students so they can grow up to be future leaders and innovators of tomorrow by running a business successfully and efficiently.