GIIS Chinchwad values parent-school partnership and in order to strengthen it further, a fun filled ‘Family Night’ program was arranged at GMP on the 20th of April for the students of K-II. The event saw participation from 100 families and the merrymaking went on for 3 hours.

Family Night program included a host of indoor and outdoor activities and games planned for the preschoolers. Parents were to choose any 5 games from the list of activities like sorting game, shape game, Feeding the shark, dart game, turkey game, puzzle night, DJ spin, Jewelry design with colored pasta, craft night, animal hunt, water measuring game and fun fitness challenge. The activities were designed to promote children’s memory skills, hand eye coordination, creativity, vocabulary, logical skills, identification of shapes, recognition of numbers and colors, development of rhythmic sense, gross motor skills, sequencing, counting, sorting, pattern making, reasoning and questioning skills, balancing, concentration, curiosity, fine motor skills and mental stimulation. The tiny tots had a fun time looking for animals in the sand pit and making colorful bracelets with pasta. They enjoyed all the activities as they actively engaged in playful learning with the help of their parents and teachers.

Some of the expected learning outcomes of the activities are enhanced concentration, increased short term memory, social interaction, parent-child bonding, cognitive skills, spatial and gross motor skills, sense of rhythm and music, number quantity concept etc.

Parents’ involvement created a joyful and positive environment; and were a steady source of children’s emotional confidence. The Family Night program was a successful event which allowed parents to spend quality time with their children. A parent on the occasion said that “Suhaavi loves everything about GMP! Family Night was an interesting and interactive event and we enjoyed a lot. We love all the activities and initiatives of GMP”.