With a strong international network of Alumni

Alma - Mater

The Alumni of Elpro International School will aim at bringing in innovation and "out of the box" thinking to the development and enhancement of our alumni programs by creating new ways for our alumni to connect; to each other and to their Alma- Mater. We believe that the ways we engage with each other have changed and now is the ideal time to enhance our alumni experience by incorporating the ways we connect and communicate today, both technologically and philosophically.

This Alumni Group will recognize that a better student experience promotes better alumni relations once they have joined us after graduation. Our Alumni are a cherished part of the school family, who through their own experiences, can share their stories and become mentors and guides for the generations to come.

Every year all the ex-students of the School assemble in their alma mater for that walk down the memory lane. A wave of nostalgia grips down each one, as old memories of School life are played in their minds. The reunion serves as a platform for the interchange of ideas and thoughts that pave way for a renewed learning.

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