The Highest Standards of Education


The Highest Standards of Education


Academics at EIS are rigorous, engaging and reflective.

With the guidance and mentorship of dedicated teachers, students embark on an academic journey rooted in inquiry, classroom discussion and problem-solving. Students of EIS learn by thinking critically and creatively, taking action and then reflecting on their discoveries.

Our interdisciplinary curriculum brings together diverse disciplines in a comprehensive manner, enabling students to develop a meaningful understanding of the complex associations and influences within a topic. This endeavor involves extensive research and enhances the creativity, innovation, time management skills and social skills of the students. The academic curriculum is designed to encourage curiosity.

I am quite satisfied with the school as a parent. My 11 year old daughter looks forward to going to school every day and the team of teachers is really friendly. The academic- ECA balance is good and the plethora of opportunities that are offered to hone skills in learners is catered to efficiently!

Our students don't simply seek to know, but rather to understand the why of their learning and then apply those principles beyond the classroom. The various innovative teaching practices and opportunities provided to students across verticals reflects in the outstanding results of the school. EIS has a very proud tradition of outstanding academic performance and achievements. Our academic goals are dominated by the principle of 100% pass rate which is regularly achieved. We live by our motto " leave no student behind".